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Geo Ear Cuff

Free Shipping on all US orders over $50!

The Geo Ear Cuff is a dainty curve of golden trapezoids that you can simply slip onto the lobe. Just a little extra sparkle to add to your favorite studs or chain earrings.

An ear cuff is a hoop earring that doesn’t require any piercing! You may need to stretch open your ear cuff ever so slightly to fit properly, depending on your ear anatomy. 

  • Vermeil
  • Sold as a single

WHAT IS VERMEIL? Vermeil is a durable, high-quality, but more affordable material than solid 14k gold. Vermeil jewelry has a base layer of silver. So unlike gold-plated or gold-filled pieces (which use whatever material may be cheapest as the base), vermeil jewelry is thoroughly high quality, from silver to gold. Vermeil jewelry has a thicker layer of 14k gold on top of the silver base. We use the industry's highest standard of gold thickness (at least 2.5 to 3 microns). We recommend caring for your vermeil pieces in the same way you care for your solid gold pieces.